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Vaarnan on Ice!

[Sid, Suk and V]

For the first time in my life, I put on a pair of ice skates and ventured into the Sky Rink Jakarta to the very apt Taylor Swift song, I knew you were trouble in the background.

A couple of falls later, the video below is the best I could ...

Tips for Tirupati

[Tirupati Balaji]

If you are crazy enough to want to visit the holy and revered Tirupati temple, here are a couple of tips for NRIs planning to go there. We drove up so the directions may not apply for people planning to walk up the hill.

  • Drive up the hill and look ...

Bloom Filters for the Common Man (or CS Undergrad)

There are a ton of CS grads sneaking out of college without learning about this amazing invention and I thought I’d write the layman’s guide to Bloom Filters.

The example is obviously contrived so bear with me :-)

Amy’s Party

Let’s say Amy is organizing a party ...

Praying to Peitho (Speaking to Convince 101)

Reason and Persuasion

Socrates is awesome, so Plato is also awesome which implies that Aristotle must also be awesome.

The first time I met Socrates was in Reason and Persuasion where he blew my mind away with his arguments in Meno about whether virtue can be taught, introducing me to the infamous “Socratic ...

Make your blog with Pelican

Pelican blog screenshot

If you’ve been on this blog before, you’ll notice that it looks radically different now (hopefully better). That’s because I have shifted away from a WYSIWYG interface provided by Blogger to one which is in Markdown using Python + Pelican.

Now I can write my blogs in plain-text ...

Bullet Holes, Persistence and Startups with Bowei Gai

[Bowei Gai]

I met a guy in Israel who told me he was sure that he will be an entrepreneur throughout his life. ‘Come on man, how can you know that for sure,’ I told him!

He showed me his hand which had a bullet hole and said, ‘When you have had ...

Why you don’t need a revenue model to be successful…

While looking at an application for a start-up incubator programme, I came across a section which said “revenue model” and left me quite perplexed as some of my ideas had no conceivable revenue model and I could not, for the life of me, think of an adequate answer to put ...

Facebook Graph Search may kill startup(s) like Ark

Facebook logo with Ark inside

It is sad to see  crumble at the hands of a big company but it is always a possibility which the founders of Ark are now facing with the beta launch of Facebook’s new search called Graph Search.

Ark started out in 2011 to solve a pain point which ...

The Android Dvorak Bug II

As from my previous post, after I had the emulator up and running, I had to locate the source code which produced the bug.

A simple find with the output of the file list piped to vim did the trick:

vim `find . 2>/dev/null | grep dvorak`

I found that ...

Coursera Unplugged - More valuable than a latte and much cheaper

Alt Text

I had the privilege of attending a talk by Stanford E-Learning stalwart, +Andrew Ng, here at NUS today and it was a great talk organized by +Prof. Ben in which Andrew shared several things including the overall vision and goals of MOOCs in a broad sense as well as focusing ...

The Android Dvorak Bug

This post details my attempts to file my first bug fix for the open source Android operating system.

It all started out when I shifted to the Dvorak keyboard and changed to it on all my devices. I noticed this peculiar bug on my Nexus 7 where the top three ...

Pumpin’ my Resume Geek-Style

Applying for internships is taxing and after all the effort put into making my resume with fancy fonts and nice borders, I find that many companies want a “text-only” version of my resume!

Though I think that it makes it easy for them to use keyword search with such a ...

Google Varsity Challenge 2012

Quite surprisingly, I spent my day at a Business Case challenge competition hosted by Google and I learned much more from it than from the other case challenge competitions I have taken part in the past.

I think the main reason for that was the instant feedback mechanism from a ...

Final words on “Journey of the Innovator”

A journey comes to an end and to conclude “Journey of the Innovator”, these are three of the innumerable things I learned from this seminar series -

  • Endurance, persistence, resilience, dedication, passion - This is the key to any and all startups which want to make a difference. Entrepreneurship is beyond the ...

Sustaining Innovation - Part 3

The last speakers to wrap up CP2201 were the founders of TenCube, Darius Cheung & Varun Chatterji who got acquired McAfee two years ago.

They began with their story about how they started out when Varun lost his cellphone and was really annoyed by the fact that he did not have ...

Sustaining Innovation - Part 2

The second speaker was Zwee (Zihuan) Wee from Savant Degrees and he was quite young being an NUS graduate from just four years ago. Also, being a drop out from Stanford Masters of Science, I think that he is following the “traditional” technopreneur path to making it big in the ...

Sustaining Innovation - Part 1

The final session of the CP2201 was by far the best one out of the four and brought a fitting conclusion to a unique and exciting module. It was quite an information heavy session which requires me to break up the interactions into different parts so that I can do ...

Adapting Innovation - E-Commerce Reloaded

I have had my own e-commerce start-up which practically blew up so I could relate to this session quite well. **

Thus, I wanted to list the salient points of today’s talk from the different speakers.

Richard Tan -

  • Serial e-commerce entrepreneur
  • Tech forum to sell things which ...

Scaling Innovation

Today’s talk in CP2201 like a walk down memory lane with the speakers sharing their personal histories with startups in such intricate detail that sometimes it required effort to extract the lessons they learned from their experiences. I think the main theme of “Scaling Innovation” was not touched upon ...

Triggering Innovation

The recent measure of the NUS School of Computing at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship is quite impressive via the introduction of the Innovation Track and its pilot module, CP2201 Journey of the Innovator.

The first session had the theme of “Triggering Innovation” and had big names from the entrepreneurship scene ...

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